DZIENNIK LODZKI no: 145(22.846)

no: 145(22.846)

RECOMMENDED .24.062011


Today is the first of three days during which we can see, at the  NEW ( NOWY ) THEATER im K. Dejmka, performances of the festival “HOMME@HOME – Man against the elements”
The project, spanning Poland, Belgium, France and Greece, is implemented within the framework of the program CULTURE 2007-2013.
We will see performances, prepared by choreographers from different parts of the world.

MATHER (RE) presents the choreographies of Karine Saporta from Paris, the director of choreographic software performances « Sujet Vif » at the Festivald’Avignon.

FIRE (LE FEU ) is presented by Penelope Kremastra from Greece, winner of first prize in the “Terpsichorii” dance competition.
WIND WOMAN/IMMERSION, produced by Carolyn Carlson, winner of the Golden Lion Biennale of contempory dance in Vienna.

This project takes place in the context of the WORLD PREMIER PERFORMANCE of « CARNAVAL », directed and choreographed by ELIZABETH CZERCZUK, founder of the festival “HOMME@HOME – Man against the elements”.
The project believes that the world is our home, made from basic elements: air, water, fire and earth. They are the source of life, both spiritual and material. Not surprisingly, among all people living on the planet, we find expressions of fascination with these elements.

The performances are an interplay of forms: dance, drama, new visual media, cutting edge electronic music and ethnic sounds. New trends in European choreographed dance performance are shown in this festival.

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