Gazeta Wyborcza No: 1457268

                                                                                                              Malwina Wadas
Gazeta Wyborcza  No: 1457268

Five dance performances, inspired by the four elements relating man to nature can be seen on stage at the Nowy Theatre (West str 53 in Lodz) during the week 20-26 June. The presentations are part of an artistic project « HOMME@HOME – Man against nature » that takes place in Lodz and will end on Sunday

Inspiration for four of the performances were the elements:
WATER (IMMERSION) – Carolyn Carlson – France
EARTH (MATHER (Re)) – choreographer Karine Saporta – Paris
FIRE (LE FEU) – choreography by Pauline Kremasta – Greece
WIND (WIND WOMAN) – choreography by Carolyn Carlson.

The fifth, titled CARNAVAL, choreographed by Elizabeth Czerczuk – Project Director, is inspired by man confronted with nature, seen as the fifth element.

The performances draw creativity from various forms: dance, drama, new media visuals, cutting edge electronic music and ethnic sounds.

The idea of this project is a reflection on the relationship between man and nature, and the quest to for a way of life in which man and nature are in harmony.
The educational aspect is emphasised through the art of performance – we want to offer a new level of choreography, directed not only at the artists who participate in the project. “We are particularly concerned to simultaneously show the audience innovative choreography, and to sensitise them to the art in human relationships with nature” – says Elizabeth Czerczuk.

The performances presented are the results of work by artists from four countries: France, Belgium, Greece and Poland. Project co-organisers include IR Duncan Choreography Centre in Athens, Carolyn Carlson Choreography Centre in Roubaix Nord Pas-de-Calais, Compagnie Karine Saporta in Paris, the Theatre Borg-Neuf in Avignon, and the  NOWY THEATER im K Dejmka and Musical Theater in Lodz, as well as actors invited for this performance.