25 years experience of European Theatre,
graduated from Polish Higher School of Theatre (PWST),
Cracow, Poland


t h e a t r e

2015 – THE WOMEN AND PLATONOV by Anton Tchekhov, direcor and choreographer Elizabeth Czerczuk, Theater Laboratory Elizabeth Czerczuk Paris / Platonov /.

2014 – THE WEDDING TO SMAL MIDLE-CLASS PERSON by Bertold Brecht, direcor and choreographer Elizabeth Czerczuk Theater Laboratory Elizabeth Czerczuk Paris. /  Groom / .

2013 – ” MATKA/THE MOTHER ”  by St.I.Witkiewicz, director and choreographer Elizabeth Czerczuk, Theater Laboratory Elizabeth Czerczuk Paris ./ as Leon /
2011 “CARNAVAL” – drector and choreogrpher Elizabeth Czerczuk- Producton Theater National NOWY m. K. Dejmka Lodz (Poland)

2011 Project nternatonal “HOMME@HOMME”- artstic director Elizabeth Czerczuk, 22 – 26 june 2011 Lodz (Poland)- France , Belgum, Grece, Poland

2010 – THE RUSSIAN POPULAR POST OFFICE – by Oleg Bogaîev ,
directed by Guy Cambreleng – Production by Theatre La Tache d’Encre       
Avignon and Compagny Elizabeth Czerczuk Ile de France.

2009 – A WORK OF LADIES by Jean-Claude Danaud, direction and choreography Elizabeth Czerczuk,
Talisman Theatre Company – Paris. Music by Yann Tiersen and with short film directed by Armand

2006 – 2008 : THE REPUBLIC OF DREAMS by Bruno Schulz, directed by Guy Cambreleng – Paris, Festival in
Avignon, Festival The Ark of Bruno Schulz Imagination in Drohobycz Ukraine – one man show.
direction and choreography Elizabeth Czerczuk in a National Polish Theatre and Festival in

2003 – 2005 : FOREFATHERS ‘EVE (DZIADY) parts II by Adam Mickiewicz, directed by Elizabeth Czerczuk
in a National Polish Theatre in Wroclaw (as Gustaw-Konrad)
RICHARD III by William Shakespeare, directed by Janusz Wisniewski in a National Polish
Theatre Nowy in Poznan (as Prince Clarence)

2000 – 2003 : FOREFATHERS ‘ EVE (DZIADY) by Adam Mickiewicz parts II and III (with great improvisation),
direction and choreography Elizabeth Czerczuk in Paris
BAL AT WITOLD G by Witold Gombrowicz, direction and choreography Elizabeth Czerczuk in Paris,
Festival in Avignon (as Prince Himalay)

1997 – 2000 : THE MOTHER – MULTIPLICATION OF REALITIES by Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, direction and
choregraphy Elizabeth Czerczuk – 350 performances in Paris, Festival in Avignon 97,98,
and 2000, tournee Polish National Theatre (as Leon)

1995 – 1996 : MASS FOR JEAN GENET Jean Genet, direction and choreography Elizabeth Czerczuk in Paris and
Festival in Avignon (as Genet)

1993 – 1994 : THE SCREAM OF OPHELIA based on plays by William Shakespeare and Stanislaw Wyspianski, director and
choregrapher Elizabeth Czerczuk in Paris, Nantes and Festival in Avignon (as Hamlet)
THE CHERRY ORCHARD by Anton Checkhov, directed by Mikolaj Grabowski in a Polish
National Theatre in Cracow (as Student)

1990 -1992 : THE SALE OF DEMONIC WOMEN by Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, directed by Zofia Kalinska
in a Ground Meeting Theatre Company in Nottingham (England) and tournee in Germany and
Poland (as Mr Ambylicus)
BECKETT based on plays by Samuel Beckett, directed by Piotr Szczerski and Elizabeth Czerczuk Theatre
Company, Nantes, Festival in Avignon (as He)

1988 -1990 : YVONNE,PRINCESS OF BURGUNDY by Witold Gombrowicz, directed by Jerzy Stuhr in National
Polish Theatre in Cracow, tournee in Germany and Moscow, (as King Ignace)
FANCHEN by David Hare, directed by Waldemar Smigasiewicz Cracow (as revolution leader)
COMMUNITY written and directed by Marek Koterski, Cracow (as drug-addict)
GLASS WEDDING by Gorin, directed by Karol Suszka in Polish Theatre in Czechoslovakia
ONE FOR THE ROAD by Harold Pinter, directed by Piotr Szczerski, Cracow
INTERNAL LIFE by Marek Koterski, directed by Jerzy Stuhr in a Theatre STU, Cracow

f i l m

2009  – A WORK OF LADIES written by Jean- Claude Danaud, directed by Armand Richelet-Kleinberg
(short film)
2002 – BIG ANIMAL written by K. Kieslowski, directed by J.Stuhr
1988 – PORN written and directed by M. Koterski (the main part of Michal)
1988 – COMMUNITY (TV movie) directed by M.Koterski
1988 – And Violins Stooped Playing directed by Alexander Ramati (USA/Poland production, german soldier)
1987 – THE FIELD HOSPITAL directed by G. Warchal
1987 – LIGHT REFLECTED directed by A. Titkov
1986 – TRAUGUTT (TV movie) directed by S. Zajaczkowski